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Conversion and Epoxy Consolidation Standards

Existing wood sash shall meet Window Master conversion standards as to: joints strong and complete, surface repairable with exterior rated epoxy. Sash or sash parts determined unusable at time of initial inspection or during conversion (rotted, decayed, and/or more than 15% moisture content as measured by Sonin Moisture Test Meter) and deemed repairable will be epoxy consolidated using WEST System, or FLEX-TECH elastomeric wood repair compound. Incidental epoxy consolidation (up to 2 cubic inches) included in bid price.

Window sash structural repairs to be made by Window Master.

Any repair or epoxy consolidation required beyond incidental on window parts integral to the Window Master conversion (i.e. sashes, window stops, jamboards, weight pocket covers and blind stops) shall be performed at a unit cost of $75 per unit (1 unit = +/- 4 cubic inches) with prior customer approval or covered by a job epoxy consolidation allowance.

The two bottom corners of the lower sash often (+/-70%) require epoxy consolidation and Dutchmen due to deterioration over the years where the end grains on the stile tenons have acted as wicks and drawn water up the stiles which rots the wood. A Dutchmen 5/8" thick x +/- 1" wide x +/- 5" long (or the entire length, if required) is epoxy consolidated into each lower corner. This repairs the rot, stabilizes the sash corners and provides a solid base for the weather strip kerf. Included in bid price.

Any window sills requiring epoxy consolidation or replacement shall be performed by Window Master at a unit cost or by others prior to Window Master work.

  • Minor epoxy consolidation repair $75 per

  • Major epoxy consolidation repair $175 per

  • Complete sill replacement or full epoxy consolidation $375 per

If necessary, any new replacement sash parts, or entire sash replacement duplicating the original sash as close as possible done by Window Master at an agreed upon unit cost with prior customer approval.

Any replacement, repair or epoxy consolidation required on other window parts not integral to the Window Master conversion on interior or exterior window parts (such as window stool, interior casing trim, exterior window trim, brick molding, etc.) shall be performed by Window Master at a unit cost, or by others.


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