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Window Master NH - Window Replacements - Restoration of Wood Windows

Work Schedule and Access Specifications

Onsite parking for conversion work trailer and supply van required for duration of Window Master work. If onsite parking not available owner agrees to pay any additional charges incurred for Window Master vehicle parking, or as otherwise provided.

Clear and easy interior access to each window shall be provided by GC or others.

Floor and area immediately surrounding windows are covered with covers per EPA-RRP requirements and covered under EPA-RRP allowance. Any additional covering required to be supplied and installed by GC. Special care taken in sensitive areas where children under 6 years old and/or pregnant women reside per Lead Paint Acknowledgement Agreement.

For occupied buildings, a window work schedule should be made before the project starts that will maximize the safety for the occupants and minimize the disruption to their work schedule while at the same time allowing Window Master to batch windows and perform its work efficiently without disruption and delays.

For occupied buildings, a designated area on each floor of building for storage of work tools and materials and for light woodworking will be assigned.

Any window air conditioners, ventilations systems, etc. removed and re-installed by others. Window Master may agree to remove and replace at an additional cost and accepts no responsibility for any damage.

All window treatments/accessories necessary to remove window sashes for work such as curtains, shades, drapes, interior shutters, air conditioners, fans, etc. shall be removed (and replaced) by others prior to arrival of Window Master. If Window Master is required or requested to remove and replace such items it may agree to do so at an additional cost and accepts no responsibility for any damage to such items.

Any security or alarm contacts on windows to be removed and replaced by others or Security Company. Window Master accepts no responsibility for proper operation of the Security system after window conversion.

2-20 amp electricity outlets required within 75' of work trailer.

Any interior staging necessary for window conversion provided by Window Master. Any exterior staging required provided by Window Master or G.C or others.

If a dumpster is on site Window Master may use it for construction waste materials unless otherwise instructed in advance of bid.


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