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Window Master NH - Window Replacements - Restoration of Wood Windows

Complete Paint Steam Stripping Options

Option 1 (Requires taking sash off site to Window Master Shop)


Prep exterior for final painting. Remove old paint (+/- 75%).

Prime and paint exterior of sash with 2 finish coats.

Some minor exterior touch up on sashes may be required by painter when exterior trim, etc. is painted.

Final clean exterior of glass before installing.


This option eliminates need for exterior sash painting (ladders, staging, etc.) after Window Master installation.

Cost: $125-$175 per standard size opening

Any existing storm windows will be used as window covers while sashes are out of openings. Alternatively, OSB covers can be provided and installed.

Cost: $50 per opening if OSB covers provided by Window Master

Option 2 (Performed by Painter Offsite)

Considerable painting time and painting cut in time can be saved if painter coordinates painting activities with Window Master. Especially economical for multi-muntin sashes.

Stain can be touched up on sashes with stained interiors after routing and before glazing @ an additional charge of $50 per window. New wood parts installed and visible from the interior (parting beads and sash stops) are stained with a similar matching stain.

Window Balance Systems Available and Weather-stripping Procedure

Please note: The Window Master weather stripping process eliminates all wood on wood friction and impact points which are the main source of lead paint dust in operating double hung windows.

Non-tilt hidden balances ploughed into stiles of sash (System is more historically accurate as no vinyl is utilized):

  • Lower sash operational and upper sash fixed (or both sashes can be made operational at an additional cost)

  • New parting beads supplied and installed by Window Master for proper weather stripping contact surfaces. Will require painting after install.

  • Bottom sash to be weather stripped at parting bead "right angle" with jamboard using Schlegel Polyflex weather stripping. Eliminates wood on wood friction points.

  • Bottom operating sash weather stripped at bottom rail with silicone rubber Tube Seal. Eliminates wood on wood friction impact point.

  • Meeting rail (check rail) weather stripped with silicone rubber tube seal on upper sash. Eliminates wood on wood friction point.

  • Sashes to have wool pile installed at meeting rail ends to prevent air infiltration. Eliminates wood on wood friction points.

  • Top fixed sash weather stripped or caulked air tight.

  • Top fixed sash to be fixed shut with two custom sash support blocks.

  • Two custom sash stops installed at top of jamboard to prevent bottom sash from traveling beyond the limits of the hidden balance.

  • Window stop edges kerfed and wool pile installed for smooth operation and to prevent paint rubbing on wood. Eliminates wood on wood friction points.

On fixed upper sash installations, Window Master will paint or stain upper and lower meeting rails which will be exposed (when windows are opened) with latex based paint or water based stain to blend with final window colors.

Tape Spring Balances (On sashes weighing >48 lbs, historically accurate used since 1890 on large windows at an additional charge):

  • Lower sash operational and upper sash fixed.

  • Same weather stripping procedure as hidden balance described above.

Tilt Compression Tracks (for smaller windows if tilt is desired, note vinyl tracks are visible from both inside and outside, not historically accurate):

  • Lower and upper sash operational.

  • Voids in jamboards covered with foil tape.

  • Fin type tilt tracks.

  • Top operating sash weather stripped at top rail and check rail with silicone ribbed rubber tube seal.

  • Sashes to have wool pile installed at meeting rail ends to prevent air infiltration.

  • Bottom operating sash weather stripped at rail with silicone rubber tube seal.


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