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Window Master NH - Window Replacements - Restoration of Wood Windows

General Specifications

Installers shall be experienced and knowledgeable of all current methods and trade secrets of Window Master conversion techniques.

All sash removed from inside of building by Window Master personnel to ensure proper numbering and ultimate return to proper openings. At time of removal sashes are marked for resizing according to weather stripping tolerances.

All original window stops numbered and reused unless otherwise specified. Window stop edges kerfed (saw cut) and wool pile installed. Eliminates wood on wood friction points.

Window conversion performed on premises in self-contained Window Master trailer and/or offsite in Window Master shop as required due to window size, complexity, epoxy consolidation, painting requirements, geographical location and onsite parking availability.

When Window Master work is performed onsite in mobile trailer, all window openings without storm windows to be temporarily covered by Window Master personnel, as required, to prevent heat loss or damage from inclement weather. Sashes are replaced at end of each day.

When Window Master work is performed offsite due to complexity, extensive epoxy consolidation, parking restrictions; or for other activities such as paint removal, de-leading, priming or finish painting, any window/door covers required to be provided, installed and removed by Window Master, the general contractor (GC), or others in a manner acceptable to architect. Window Master will remove such covers to perform its onsite work.

Existing sash (and interior muntins) will be retained unless too damaged or degraded and these will be repaired or replaced. Sashes and exterior muntins modified by cutting away existing putty or equivalent, increasing the width and depth of rabbet joint with patented Bi-Glass Router Guide Tool in strict adherence to Bi-Glass specifications.



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