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Additional Specifications

Storm Window Removal: The EPA RRP rules enacted 4/22/10 require extensive ground protection when working on the exterior of a house build prior to 1978 that contains lead paint. Therefore, it is more cost effective for the painter to remove the storm windows when the exterior paint preparation and painting is done as he will have to provide ground covering at that time. This avoids double ground protection expense. However, Window Master can remove storm windows at a cost of $50 each which covers the cost of ground protection, removal, transportation, recycling and exterior clean up. Final scraping, filling of any screw holes and any other exterior cosmetic wood repair to be done by painter. This storm window removal does not include removing any metal wrapping that may have been applied to sills or trim.

Window Master is an EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm per Certificate #NAT-37849-1. Our employees have been trained in lead-safe work practices and have their "Certificate of Attendance and Successful Completion" certificate on the job site at all times.

All material and workmanship warrantees as per Window Master Contract. All warrantees are contingent upon payment in full, and progress payments made as agreed. Travel associated expenses may be charged if warrantee work is not a safety hazard and required to be performed via a special dedicated trip.

Existing insurance coverage as per insurance certificate to be provided. Increased coverage is available at an extra cost.

Construction and related permits: According to law, the ultimate responsibility for permits rests with the owner. However, the Window Master process does not change the fenestration (size or location of window or door openings) and only changes the glass in the window sashes/doors and, therefore, usually does not require a special permit. Any permits required to be paid by others. Historical District permit requirements vary depending on the particular district's rules and regulations.

Any bid security or bonding requirements to be covered by G.C./others.

Prices are subject to final review of any job specifications and general conditions, prints, final contracts and any special conditions required by owner/architect and/or GC.

Totals subject to any change in opening counts or arithmetic errors.

Payment terms according to Window Master Contract or as otherwise agreed.

Any disruption in work sequence beyond Window Master control once Window Master activities begin due to other contractors or new requirements by owner/architect/ GC and/or any other instrumentality may result in additional Window Master charges if extra time is required to complete Window Master activities.


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